50 Shades of Green!
Buying or Selling in 50 Days Earns You
50% of Our Commission.

Homebuyers who shop and contract in 50 days may receive 50% Rebate of our Sales Commission.
Sellers who list and contract in 50 days may receive 50% Reduction of our Listing Commission.

Your Property Search

Use these search engines to shop online 24/7 save time, gas and traffic headaches driving all around.

Search all the areas you like, then narrow it down to 25 properties.

We start with those showings, adding, dropping or adjusting as you go.

Be sure to read and note any supporting info such as neighborhood, school, transit and other data provided.

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Overview of Homebuying: Be Ready, Willing and Able.

READY to move, lease expiring or month to month, current home ready to sell. WILLING to focus on searches and showings and make appropriate offers. ABLE financially to act now. Mortgage qualified, down payment in the bank.


The better you know your preferences the better this works. Condo, Townhome, SFR? Big yard or zero lot line? Uptown, Lakewood, Plano? Schools, amenities, commute time?


Cast a wide net but then choose 4 – 5 properties to view first. 25 showings for the 50% Rebate is more than enough if you focus on your targeted preferences.


There will be no pressure to make an offer. When you find the right home we will present an offer, negotiate and work toward getting a contract into title – which is the 50 day "end zone".


You made it the end zone, but can’t spike the ball yet. There will be "Booth Reviews" from the Inspector, Appraiser, Lender and Title Company. That's OK, we can discuss all that when we get started.

Buyers need to be fully qualified and ready to move when we meet.
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